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Paper Box

Paper box is a three-dimensional shape, it is composed of a number of surface moving, stacking, folding, surrounded by a multi-faceted form.

To a large extent, carton packaging is based on its exquisite shape and decoration to promote the beautification of goods and improve the competitiveness of goods. Its style and type are many, rectangular, square, multilateral, shaped cartons, cylindrical, etc., but its manufacturing process is basically the same, that is, the choice of material - design icon - manufacturing template - stamping - synthetic box.

The raw material is pulp, generally corrugated paper, which is mostly used to hold items and can be recycled.

Paper product packaging is the largest type of packaging industrial products. With the change of transportation mode and the change of sales mode, the style of cartons and cartons is becoming more and more diversified, and the future carton packaging will develop in the direction of environmental protection and economy, and there will be more novel forms to show in front of our eyes.